Zammtopia - Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia – Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia’s personal development services and programmes focus on tapping and facilitating optimum development of the human potential for growth in transitions and transformations.

I. Intuitive /Spiritual Consulting and Development (individuals):
Intuitive consulting is instrumental in establishing a connection to a person’s “higher-self” / consciousness / the Universe to identify current influences, tendencies covering the many aspects of life such as work (career or business), family, love, relationships, decisions, goals, transitions, finances, etc.

This is done using tools such as the TAROT, Archetype Cards, other Oracle cards and the skills needed to read energies (aura, chakra and empathy). The results present a guide and some options for the clients’ consideration. It serves as a roadmap for them. This is done face-to-face, by phone, or online for individuals or groups.

*It will give an individual a clear understanding of what needs to be done.
*It will serve like a road map, a guide, from which one can choose how to proceed.

II. Practical and Intuitive Coaching (individuals)
Practical and Intuitive Coaching offers the much needed support and continuous learning for the client to accomplish their goals. This is ideal for life transitions which can inspire or lead to a transformation.

Tools that enable clients to learn new skills and help them achieve their desired outcome are also provided:
* to have more control over their thought processes
* to positively alter their perceptions, and
* to be able to master the way they conduct themselves in their daily life.
This is done face-to-face, by phone, or online for individuals or groups.

III. Personal Development Programmes
Personal and spiritual development programmes support the consulting and coaching aspects of Zammtopia. These help reinforce skills learned from coaching or explore means to strengthen the SELF – intuition, dreams, confidence, worth, etc. This is done online or face-to-face in group settings.

The Road to Forgiving
Intuitive Journey to Transformation
Spirituality and Materialism
Spiritual Development Programmes
Professional Development Programmes

Workshops and Publications:
“The Being that You Are©” Series
“The Roads of Life©” Series
“The Art that’s Life©” Series
“Keys to Relationships©” Series
“We are One©” Series
“Coming Out©” Series
“What’s after retirement?©” Series
“It could be Lonely on the Top©” Series
“I pronounce thee Man and Husband©” Series
“I pronounce thee Woman and Wife©” Series

IV. Zammtopia Publishing is responsible for personal development publications such as brain entrainment products, relaxation music, articles, e-courses, e-books, e-programmes and printed books.