Zammtopia - Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia – Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia focuses on personal development coaching with a practical and intuitive approach.

What is coaching?
Change is imminent, change is constant. We always try to resist change in many ways we can think of. However, the act of resisting change poses many complications for an individual whether in a work or family environment. Coaching helps to understand the nature of change and brings about a realistic and constructive approach to making the most of it.

• Coaching is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with therapy, counselling, and consulting.

• Change can often be viewed as a threat, as we are forced out of our comfort zones. Through coaching we are able to show what change can ACTUALLY be, an opportunity for growth and development.

• Coaching focuses on the realities of the change involve and assesses it to help the potential coachee look at the bigger picture – with his potential playing a huge part in making this picture come to life.

• Coaching is always an option – it can never be forced on an individual who is healthy and mentally fit to decide for himself/herself.

• People reach different stages in their lives; possess different skills, resources and varying wisdom; face different types of change; are exposed to different stimuli and environments; which are just some of the many considerations needed to design an effective coaching programme for an individual.

• Coaching is focused on utilising what we now have (time, resources, talent, commitment, etc.), which we can use to manifest our goals. Coaching is not meant to fill in the gap or the hole in our lives, but to further enhance whatever it is that we already possess. Coaching is focused on realistic and practical methods, including the healthy exchange of ideas to discover or rediscover what our talents and commitment can further foster.

The Coaching Process
1. Reality Check – assessing the real situation:
*what’s working for you,
*what’s challenging you and
*what you can do about it

2. Accepting, strengthening or living with your weaknesses

3. Honing your resources (talents, skills, experiences) and playing to your strengths

4. Connections – family, friendships, community and environment (nature and our animal friends) we are all connected to each other

5. Learning and practicing essential life skills towards masterful living

6. Identifying, manifesting and living the life that you want

Coaching Benefits
1. YOU ARE NOT ALONE – The coach and coachee are partners. The coach respects the coachee for his/her decision to find support to developing himself/herself further. The coach also prioritises the welfare and objectives of the coachee. The coachee respects the coach’s capacity to help him/her focus on the answers and action he/she already knows (but just needs reminding or discovering); and the coach’s assistance in holding him/her on track and accountable towards certain agreed milestones that need to be met within some specified time frame.

2. BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF – Coaching helps us keep our focus and heighten our awareness with what we want to achieve. At the same time, coaching focuses on achieving positive maximum results, hence it reinforces the awareness of being responsible for ourselves – in the steps we take, the decisions we make, and our commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

3. BRINGING OUT THE BEST YOU – People development is a natural side effect of coaching (we do not usually focus on changing people primarily). Through the aid of coaching we can remain focused on and keep working towards becoming the best we can. Upon achieving that, our development becomes intrinsic to the process

The RAW Coachee
A coachee requires to be mentally fit and emotionally prepared, before he /she can even contemplate to be coached. This fact also reinforces the requirement that the coachee enters into the coaching agreement, already motivated and possessing the right attitude to learn and grow. During the coaching period, we would see varying degrees of motivation, and this is where the coach can remind the coachee if where his/her focus lies, and of his/her accountability towards himself/herself in ensuring his/her success.

1. The READINESS to act and even pursue positive changes for self-mastery and development. This includes the financial, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. When a coachee is ready, then the coachee is committed and would do everything in his/her power to succeed. When a coachee is ready, he/she is driven to action without procrastination.

2. The AWARENESS of the coaching process includes mutual respect, acknowledgement of partnership between coach and coachee and accountability in terms of achieving the milestones set. With awareness, the coachee is also approaching the coaching process in a very realistic and grounded perspective, wherein the process is not always smooth sailing, and yet he/she is very much ok with it. In fact, the coachee is aware that setbacks are opportunities to stretch oneself – very similar to birthing pains – only the birthing pains of success.

3. The WIN represents the coachee’s ability to look at the bigger picture. This is the coachee’s ability to see her/him as the success she/he is striving to be, even before s/he achieves it. This is the most important mindset and it really focuses on the outcome, which needs to be very clear from the onset. The win is also about having a strong sense of purpose, which will keep the coachee on the right path, without having to be inflexible. The win is also about giving back once success is at hand, this could be done through helping family members, friends, the community or causes that are very important to the coachee.