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Daily Remarkables by Zamm Zamudio, August 1, 2020,

Memes and sayings are supposed to inspire us. However, they might also make us feel down sometimes, especially when we question our strength and substance. So, always fact-check and reflect before accepting anything online – even if it is intended to help us.

Remember, not everybody is ‘made like coal or diamond’.

Do not look at yourself as the egg or potato in the boiling water. You are neither the egg nor potato. You are the water that boils the eggs hard and potatoes soft.

Read on.

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I saw a meme that says, ‘A diamond is a chunk of coal that did really well under pressure’, which made me think, ‘Hold on, is diamond coal?’

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NO – diamond is not coal! Diamonds and coal are carbons! Coal has rarely – if ever – played a role in the formation of diamonds. Most diamonds that have been dated are much older than Earth’s first land plants – the source material of coal

Not all carbons can turn into diamonds. The carbon that forms diamonds is much purer than that which forms coal. Coal forms from heat and pressure just like diamonds. However, diamonds require much greater temperature and more direct pressure to form. Once mined from the earth, coal and diamonds have different uses.

People are like coal and diamonds. Life is like the mine where coal and diamonds are formed.

People may come from the same family and share the same genes or community and share the same culture or values, but that does not make them homogenous. People have different makeup and agencies, which influence their strengths, limitations, and even breaking points.

Limitations and breaking points are not necessarily weaknesses. They are guidelines to follow for optimal performance and safety. They are frontiers to explore and perhaps break away from when the right time comes. And, they are boundaries to or not to cross – depending on many factors including self-awareness and self-care.

Then, I found another meme saying, ‘The same boiling water that hardens the egg softens the potato. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.’ – to which I believe is only partly true. 

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Some people’s strengths are viewed as weaknesses in other circumstances. Similarly, other people’s weaknesses are viewed as strengths in different circumstances.

Yes, it is partly about what people are made of. The other part is the environment or circumstances people are in. It is imperative to understand both parts to match them – to thrive. For example, we cannot make a musical genius thrive in any other environment except that which supports their musical genius.

Matching a person’s characteristic and environment does not mean an ‘easy-peasy’ circumstance. It means that the environment will have challenges that will bring out the best in what this person already possesses and provide the opportunity to convert vulnerabilities into strengths.

Just like the coal and the diamond – the coal needs to be at a certain proximity to the earth’s surface with just the right pressure and temperature to form, which is very different from what a diamond needs – to become a diamond – which is extreme heat and pressure.

Hence, self-awareness and self-care would lead people to create or find the right circumstances for them to thrive. People need to avoid forces they are ill-prepared to face. Going against a force which is far greater than one’s own power could lead to irreparable damage or even the breaking point.

In this light, you cannot be a hero all the time. Or not everyone can be a hero to others. Yet certainly, by choice, you can always be a hero to yourself when you acknowledge that you cannot fight every battle, and that does not diminish you. Recognising your limitations and working your way around them makes you stronger. Through honesty and humility, knowing what you can and cannot do at a specific point in time does not mean it will always be that way – it is that way only for that finite specific moment.

The world today – especially through social media – has a knack for pressuring everyone – so do not encourage it. Do not do as it does – do not put undue pressure on yourself, especially when you are at a vulnerable state.

Remember, not everybody is ‘made like coal or diamond’. Do not look at yourself as the egg or potato in the boiling water. You are neither the egg nor potato. You are the water that boils the eggs hard and potatoes soft.

In life, we need to learn how to be in harmony with ourselves to be in harmony with our environment. We must know how to identify and separate energies that significantly affect our lives. We must dance with creative energies that come our way and remove ourselves from the energies that destroy our souls.



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