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Nature: An Excerpt from the book ‘Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of our World Book 1’

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We often hear people say that nature is the best medicine for the nerves and stress. A walk on the beach or in the woods, climbing a hill or even a mountain — the smell of flowers, of the earth — these activities and sensory experiences can give us a much-needed respite from the tensions of everyday life. With the demands of juggling so many roles every day — work, family, friends and selfcare, it is no wonder many of us have forgotten to connect and recognise the things that genuinely matter. It seems to me that it has become more prevalent than ever to exclude self-care as part of our many responsibilities. This is a huge mistake and the root of almost all ailment.

The tasks that go along with our many obligations can either be beneficial or detrimental to us. They can be beneficial when used as an opportunity to deepen and nurture our intuition through mindful practice. But detrimental if laden with constant stressors and distractions that take away our ability to listen and connect — thereby drowning our intuition into total silence or even ‘death’.

Kofu, Japan - photo by Zamm Zamudio
copyright 2018
Kofu, Japan – photo by Zamm Zamudio

Nature is our solace, our haven. It is the saviour of intuition. I’m not just saying this because I feel and resonate with this personal truth, but because there is a particular vibration nature emits that is quite healing and completing. Some call it the Schumann resonances, or ‘the healing heartbeats of mother earth’. I would call it a resonance void of the noisy and potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies we cannot see. All of the electronic gadgets deemed necessary to keep up with the demands of the times emit them.

Communing with nature gives us the opportunity to unplug from all the harmful frequencies. It is not surprising to see how some people have taken to living off the grid, and found harmony in their lives by doing so.

However, we do not need to go off the grid to unplug. The technological noise we are trying to run away from, ironically, can offer some form of respite. And if we look and listen carefully, we can tap into the sights and sounds of nature as close as just outside the door.

When I don’t have the chance to visit my favourite spot by the beach, I get relief from listening to the song of the birds in the morning and of the ‘ruru’ (morepork owl) at night in our backyard. I’m blessed to be living in a place where nature is practically everywhere around me!

When I am in the office and need to de-stress, I listen to recordings of the sounds of the ocean, the forest, and other natural scenarios courtesy of online videos or smartphone applications.

Of course, nothing can beat those times my husband and I drive to one of our favourite places, the giant windmills of Wellington. Driving can also connect us to nature. We see the trees along the way, the many lifestyle blocks (hobby farms, for you non-New Zealand folk) with their sheep, cows, and horses, and breathe in the earthy smell of the breeze.

Nature has a way of stimulating our senses and healing our mind, body, and spirit, if only we immerse ourselves in it. When our health is in excellent form, our senses fire on all cylinders, giving us a sharper, more heightened perception. This is an appreciable first step to intuiting.