Zammtopia - Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia – Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia provides support and successfully facilitates a smoother process of change for you through practical and intuitive coaching.

Practical and intuitive coaching provides you the the support you need to go through the process of change successfully. It may be beneficial to you, most especially when you are anticipating or preparing for transition(s) such as: work (employment or unemployment), relationships, loss of a loved one, sudden life changes (divorce, separation, break-up, retirement), relocation, job promotion, getting married, and planning for your family, just to name a few.

Zammtopia’s Coaching process focuses on both practical and spiritual approaches.It helps you appreciate the deeper meaning and more important questions in life. It highlights the following personal and spiritual proficiency, which are:
** understanding and re-discovering yourself,
** re-defining your life path,
** identifying, acknowledging and fulfilling your soul’s purpose,
** connecting and growing spiritually
** enjoying and having more meaningful interaction with people
** taking responsibility towards your own happiness and success,
** actively becoming an important part of this world by giving back and supporting the causes you believe in.

Practical and intuitive coaching is a very effective tool to achieve harmony of mind and spirit.It is delivered face-to-face, online (Skype, Google Hangout) or by phone (NZ and International – land lines only)

Practical and Intuitive Coaching

Practical and Intuitive Coaching

• Individual sessions – One hour every fortnight or once a month depending on the programme
• Midweek follow-up by phone – once a week for 15 minutes
• Or you can just opt for one whole hour/fortnight or per month with no midweek follow-up.

Your Practical and Intuitive Coaching self-development investment options are:
Casual per session rate: $125
4 x 1 hour sessions: $460 (Monthly Pay as you Go)
6 x 1 hour session: $600
8 x 1 hour sessions: $748
12 x 1 hour sessions: $1080

Practical and Intuitive Coaching benefits may include but are not limited to:
• Facilitating learning and development for the long term.
• Encouraging thinking differently and to becoming solution orientated.
• Developing greater self awareness, improving confidence and motivation
• Providing the opportunity and space to reflect, to clarify and prioritise the important things and to maximise performance and success.
• Encouraging self generation of solutions
• Supporting behavioural change that is sustained well beyond the end of the coaching contract.

Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal. As soon as payment is received, we will commence with the programme.

Payments made through PayPal are slightly higher than the above rates due to PayPal charges.

Practical and Intuitive Coaching Rates

Disclaimer: This programme is not a substitute for counselling and/or therapy.