Zammtopia - Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia – Harmony of Mind and Spirit

The Road to Forgiving: Free Yourself and Reclaim Your Life

What is forgiveness?
What does it take to forgive?
What happens if we don’t?
Wouldn’t you want to set yourself free from the hurt you’ve been keeping in your heart?

We suffer from hurt and usually it takes a while for us to forgive (others or ourselves). The longer it takes for us to forgive, the longer we stay in limbo. It hinders our growth, harms our well-being and our ability to live and enjoy our life the best way we can.

This programme will help you:
* truthfully assess if you have forgiven
* understand the consequences and seriousness of not being able to forgive
* realise how not being able to forgive affects your communication, perception, interaction with others and ability to nurture relationships
* identify your challenges in forgiving and how to overcome them
* assess where you are in the process of forgiving and decide to move forward

Programmes are delivered face-to-face, online (Skype, Google Hangout) or by phone (NZ and International – land lines only). Please diligently set aside an hour every fortnight for better results.

Programme Cost
Option 1: 12 sessions
$1080 = $90 x 12 hours = fortnightly sessions

Option 2: 6 sessions
$600 = $100 x hours = fortnightly sessions

Option 3: Casual Hourly Rate: $125.00

Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal. As soon as payment is received, we will commence with the programme.

Payments made through PayPal are slightly higher than the above rates due to PayPal charges.

Road to Forgiving: Programme Options

The Road to Forgiving Zammtopia Personal Development Programme

The Road to Forgiving

Disclaimer: This programme is not a substitute for counselling and/or therapy.