Zammtopia - Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Zammtopia – Harmony of Mind and Spirit

Working with satisfied and happy clients is very fulfilling. See what clients say about Zammtopia and their interaction with their personal development coach.

“I have been working with Zamm now for about a year and the time that I have spent working with her, has been invaluable, and frankly a key input to so some significant life changes.

I meet with Zamm about every 3 months to have a 1 hour tarot card reading. I have found these sessions insightful, challenging (in a constructive and positive way) and enlightening. We started off as tarot card reading only, and then did the coaching course only and for me what I found really amazing and that really hit this spot for me was combined tarot card and coaching sessions. The way Zamm ran it was great .. perfect. Whilst we still had a general reading and some questions, there wasn’t as much of it, as if it was a straight reading. We would talk more about what I was doing, not doing and what I should continue with or change to help me reach what I wanted. Zamm’s ability to be able to connect with me, the cards and where I am is like nothing I’ve seen or experienced before, it is priceless. Then having this coupled with being and asked some questions that really make me think is something that I know is invaluable and making a really positive impact on my life.

The sessions are not easy but I know they are helping me. I guess change, consistency, awareness, openness and growth are not always easy so why should they be? But with Zamm’s support it makes me realise these are all made up of little steps in one direction so it helps me to realise that this is achievable. My happiness, calmness, general well being, outlook on life, interactions with others and reaching my goals (in all aspects of my life) I know is a direct correlation with the time that Zamm and I have been working together.” ~ R. H. Wellington, New Zealand

“My coaching sessions were very helpful. It brought up my concerns namely: lack of time to do the things I want/need to do, lack of energy, and distracting thoughts and the processes of starting a self-publishing business. Zamm asked me the right questions so I was able to come up with some solutions for these concerns on my own. She also suggested other tools I could use to deal with each concern which I found very helpful. She made sure I understood the real issues behind my concerns and found several alternative solutions for each.
Even though our session was through Skype, I could feel Zamm’s warmth and compassion shining through. She asked tough questions, but I had the courage to answer them because of her open and welcoming approach. I wasn’t afraid to delve deeper into my problems and felt encouraged to try and find the solution on my own.
Despite the serious nature of my business concerns, I enjoyed the sessions immensely. I was challenged to face my issues and look for solutions head on, but at the same time I learned new things which I think will help improve my time management skills. All in all, I found the sessions very helpful and encouraging.” ~ N.N., Los Angeles, CA, USA

I found your coaching tools very helpful and help me clearly see my business map for the whole year.
It is the first time in my entire life to have such clarity for my business plan and time frame. I love your way of coaching very much, it helps me think bigger, smarter and for the long term. I was an “all-out-action-person” just taking things as they come. You have helped me improve my short, medium and long-term term thinking, so this is great progress for me.
I also appreciate the positivity you always extend to me. You give me encouragement and strength to believe in myself. You also show how I can further improve myself. I also love discussing the different archetypes with you. This helps me better understand the diversity of the people around me.
~  K.K. China/Australia/NZ

“Your encouragement to trust myself helped me relax and let go a little more. Setting short-term
achievable goals was also helpful and lifted some of the overwhelm I was feeling. Also, the non-judgmental way you listened made me feel safe to continue to open up. Non-judgment is a big issue for me and only when that’s in place do I truly begin to trust another person – so thanks!
The reminder that it’s ok to be human and make mistakes and not be perfect – that spirituality and human behaviour can co-exist was the best thing above all. I know this to be true for others, but it’s more difficult to apply that to myself, so hearing you say that it’s ok was exactly the thing I needed to believe that I can get to my goal in the end and not have to feel guilty for being who and what I am.:-)” ~ M.J. Wellington, NZ

“You are encouraging me to be proactive in the things at work (prepare for having to see increased number of patients per day, or actively seek someone who could cover for me when I go on vacation). But you also reassure and understand that it is frustrating when my boss will not see my patients while I’m gone, especially because I’ll be doing something good for the clinic.
When dealing with my mom’s forcefulness with her religion to others (especially to me), and my concern that she is becoming a strong part of somewhat cult-like environment in her bible study group, you helped me explore ideas such as getting others involved (family and friends).
The way you’re coaching me is making me think and reflect on myself, but you also give me enough guidance (I don’t feel like I’m on my own). And you always make sure to put positive spin on everything we’re talking about, so that makes me feel pretty good.” ~ M.W. California, USA

“Thank you so much for your guidance. I don’t know what I would have done without you this very challenging year (2012). You are a great help.” ~ C.S.C. Brisbane, Australia

Your reading was very accurate, your guidance was very helpful. It made a huge difference with my approach in moving to Australia and finding work without making this transition very difficult. And I found a very good job! ~ B.D. Melbourne, Australia

Thank you very much for the clarity you have given me and assurance about the path I need to take. I know what I have to do and just need to get into it. Your reading and guidance have given the strength to do so. ~ J.J. Wellington, NZ

I found the workshop rather interesting and more beneficial to me than I expected. The part I appreciated the most was everyone’s participation and openness. The part I found quite difficult was sharing my personal experiences and keeping my emotions under control. I found the group’s dynamics to be great, one thing led on to the next and things got quite deep and personally beneficial. I found that the way in which the workshop was delivered to be very friendly, relaxing and well presented. What I learned from the workshop was that not forgiving someone can cause serious problems in your life including your health and that anyone and probably everyone would benefit from this. ~ V. H. Wellington, NZ

1.The workshop was great.
2.Being able to open up for the first in a number of years.
3.Talking about what I have been through
4.The delivery of the Workshop was good.
6.Has helped me to carry on even more. ~ S.P. Wellington, NZ

Just a short personal note to say thank u for today. I thought what u gave us all was a remarkable experience and I am very grateful that I got to be part of it. I thought the workshop was excellent; I learnt more today than I have in a long time. We learnt from each other. It was beautiful and a wonderful adventure into a world I did not want to go and this is why I am grateful u were there to hold my hand. ~S.S. Wellington, NZ

Thanks for today’s enriching “The Road to Forgiving Workshop.” I’m very pleased to listen to everyone’s sharing and the opportunity to exchange experiences with the participants. I really like the discussion on the significance of having an anchor as we go through the journey of forgiving. Best wishes to you! ~ L.A. Wellington, NZ

The most valuable part of the workshop for me is realising that I had forgiven, and it was the emotions that were following. I just really enjoyed the workshop. The fee is really good value. ~ V.A. Wellington, NZ